Visitor’s Guide

Lan Su Chinese Garden offers infinite paths to discovery, whether you are a visitor simply taking in the beauty of the garden for the first time or a member who comes back day after day to sip tea in the chinese teahouse.  One visit just isn't enough to take in the depth and abundance of experiences. Lan Su is ever-changing -- by the minute, by the hour, and with the seasons. Something as simple as the shifting of light throughout the day can dramatically alter the garden's appearance and your experience. You'll always discover something new at Lan Su.

First Time Visitors

Things to consider

Our award winning Visitor Guide is your best bet for a great overview of Lan Su and an introduction to the hundreds of years of Chinese history and culture the garden encompasses.  Lan Su also offers tours of the garden led by trained docents who can give you a little more depth on what you are seeing. 

During your visit, you are also encouraged to join in or participate in any of our events occurring in Lan Su, take as many pictures as you'd like, stop by the Teahouse for a cup of tea or simply sit and enjoy the tranquility.

Be sure to stop by the Garden Gift Shop for a postcard or other memento to remind you of your visit.

Returning Visitors

Visiting Lan Su on a return trip offers you the chance to explore a little more deeply than the first time.

Things to consider:

The Garden Shop offers a great selection of Chinese music CDs in addition to books on the history, culture and gardens of China to enhance your learning about Chinese gardens. One book not to miss is Listen to the Fragrance a book detailing all of the calligraphic poetry within Lan Su.

Visiting with Kids

Lan Su offers many chances to begin a conversation about how people in other cultures live, dig into history and spark imaginations with cool rocks, building shapes, and textures.

Things to consider:

If you are planning a visit with a baby or toddler, small strollers are easy to maneuver through our narrow pathways. Larger strollers can create difficulties for you and other guests in trying to walk through the garden. We can help provide a place to "park" a large stroller at the front gate if needed. Small snacks and sippy cups are allowed in the garden, we just ask that any drink have a lid.

Our Garden Shop features large selection of items for kids and priced perfectly for those on an allowance including finger traps, Chinese yo-yos and more. Be sure to stop in on your visit.

Plant Lovers

China is home to more than 30,000 plant species; one-eighth of the world's total! Many of the plants we know and love in the West originated in China.

Things to consider:

If you are in the garden and have a question about a plant or wonder what we are doing to a specific plant, please feel free to ask. One of our experts on Chinese horticulture will be happy to answer your questions.


Things to consider:

Members are an integral part of Lan Su's success and we thank you for your support.

There's always something new at Lan Su.

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Ongoing Programs

Lan Su Chinese Garden offers infinite paths to discovery, whether you are a visitor simply taking in the beauty of the garden for the first  time, or a member who comes back day after day to sip tea in the Teahouse. Most activities are included with your purchase of membership or admission. Visitors can join in an instructor-led tai chi session, take a guided tour of the garden with a staff horticulturalist, enjoy live music performances at the Teahouse, or learn to play Chinese games like mahjong and wei chi.

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Family Discovery Guide

Ask for a copy of the Family Discovery Guide at the front gate when you enter. Discovery guides are great for families, acting like scavenger hunts leading curious minds through the garden. Family Discovery Guides are updated throughout the year, reflecting the cultural festivals and seasonal blooms of Lan Su. There's always something new to discover at Lan Su Chinese Garden!

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