Grace’s Story

Support Lan Su so that it can remain oasis of tranquility for those in need.

Because of you, Lan Su is there, right where you need it. You might recognize Grace, who has volunteered as a greeter at the front gate for many years. She first came to the garden while roaming the West Coast, looking for the right place to lay down roots. Grace was feeling lost and alone. Immediately after walking through Lan Su’s front gate, Grace felt a glimmer of calm.

Plum Blossoms symbolize strength and perseverance.On a tour, she saw the plum trees in full bloom. The guide explained that the winter blossoms symbolized strength and perseverance. Grace was moved to tears, and decided to land in Portland and quickly became involved in the garden.

Grace told me, “It is the only place I feel totally safe. It’s my sanctuary. It’s the place I come for both sadness and celebration. It gives me a chance to breathe and just be. Visiting through the seasons is a reminder that the only constant is change. Things won’t stay the same just because I want them to. This has been a tremendous life lesson.”

As a Lan Su supporter, you create a community that welcomes all people to find whatever they need at Lan Su. As you have probably experienced yourself, we all walk a little lighter on the way out.

Please support Lan Su so that it can continue to be an oasis of tranquility and a place for visitors and members to find the personal strength to preserve through tight times.

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Veronica's Story 

Lan Su is a place to simply be present with those we love. Sandy has watched her granddaughter, Veronica, “grow up” here. The garden offers a quiet place to develop a tight bond. Your support helps more children like Veronica grow up loving the garden. Learn Veronica & Sandy's Story »

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Max's Story 

Lan Su Chinese Garden is a place to step into another culture. Learn Max's story about how your support of helps students like him step out of the classroom and into a whole new culture. Learn Max's Story »

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