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The Art of Wu Wei

This participatory presentation on kung fu methods used to support good posture will introduce how to use the proper alignment of the three energy center to keep the body upright as we age. The energy centers are located in the pelvis, the rip cage and the skull. With practice, a person can learn to maintain alignment of the big bones and strengthen muscles that help keep organs in place. The technique used is “wu wei” or effortless action. Aligning the energy centers looks effortless because you will be standing or sitting still-ish while actively aligning the body on the inside. By being still, in good posture, one can calm the mind and align the body simultaneously. Broad history of Wudang (Southern style) kung fu and other antidotes about Grand Master Dr. T. K. Shih will be included.

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About the Presenter

Martha Bergman studied tai chi and kung fu, Chinese healing arts and meditation with Grand Master Dr. T. K. Shih, founder of the Chinese Healing Arts Center of Kingston, New York from 1984 until 2016. She has taught tai chi and kung fu in New York and Portland.

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