Ping Pong Demonstration

Meet world ping pong champion Judy Hoarfrost and watch the enthusiasts of Pips & Bounce as they show off their skills in the game of ping pong! 

About Judy Hoarfrost

Judy Hoarfrost (formerly Judy Bochenski) was the youngest member of the U.S. Team for the Ping Pong Diplomacy trip to China in 1971. On her return to the United States, Judy was active in giving speeches, writing articles, and appearing on television. She was Grand Martial of the Portland Rose Parade and the Legislature pronounced a “Judy Bochenski Day” for the State of Oregon. In 1972, Hoarfrost accompanied the Chinese Team for two weeks when they toured the United States in a reciprocal Ping Pong Diplomacy trip. Judy has performed in hundreds of table tennis exhibitions and clinics. In the past 42 years since the original Ping Pong Diplomacy trip, Judy has been involved in many Ping Pong Diplomacy events, with a message of promoting friendship and peace through sports.

Judy holds numerous national championship titles in both Junior and Senior events.  Judy traveled the world as a member of the U.S. Team for 10 years.

Judy Hoarfrost is a graduate of Stanford University. She owns Paddle Palace Table Tennis, based in Portland, Oregon.

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