Mooncake Sale

Learn the history and symbolism of mooncakes in one of the four most important Chinese festivals, the Autumn Moon Festival.

The round, sweet-filled mooncake (月餅) is made with pastry decorated with designs and filled with a variety of fillings including seeds, nuts, date paste and smashed beans. Today’s mooncakes are a few inches round. At one time, imperial chefs made them as large as several feet in diameter.

Mooncakes from the Red Robe Teahouse & Café will be available for sale so that you can bring home this special treat for friends and family.

About the Presenter

It takes gumption to open a tea house in coffee-mad Portland. But, Red Robe Teahouse & Café at the corner of Northwest Third Avenue and Davis Street, aims to provide more than just liquid refreshment. The corner cafe serves food, with low-priced lunch options and tea-drinking snacks, but it's also a place to experience the centuries-old art of Chinese tea culture. Owners Pearl Zhang and Raymond Liu bring their years of restaurant experience back to Old Town. The shop features about two dozen types of tea along with a "east-meets-west" menu of items from BBQ pork to eggs boiled in tea.

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Lan Su Chinese Garden offers infinite paths to discovery, whether you are a visitor simply taking in the beauty of the garden for the first time or a member who comes back day after day to sip tea in the teahouse.  One visit just isn’t enough to take in the depth and abundance of experiences. Lan Su is ever-changing—by the minute, by the hour, and with the seasons. Learn more and plan your visit today.

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