Lansu shaolin center

Ba Gua Zhang Fundamentals

Translated as 8 changes of the palm, Ba Gua Zhang is an internal martial art that focuses on intricate footwork and coiling power to develop internal energy. These sessions led by instructors from the Portland Shaolin Center will emphasize proper posture, body alignments and organized movement through standing exercises and stepping drills.

Free with Lan Su membership or admission; no registration is required.

About the Presenter

Classes at the Portland Shaolin Center introduce people of all experience levels to the basics of the 1500 year old martial art Shaolin Kung Fu (Shaolin Gongfu)."Shaolin" literally means "young forest" and refers to the fact that the original Shaolin Temple in Honan Province was built in the midst of a new forest of cypress and pine. "Kung Fu" literally means "mastery through time and effort". Hence, "Shaolin Kung Fu" is a term that describes the full variety of martial skills that were developed, preserved and mastered at the Shaolin Temples over the last 1500 years.