Proposals + Photo Shoots

Photo Shoot Policy

Lan Su Chinese Garden does not allow portrait photography during public hours.

Portrait photography is defined as any group coming for the purpose of taking posed portrait photographs. This can be with a professional photographer or just a friend, but if the reason for the visit is taking posed portrait photos, we do not allow this during the public hours. Examples of photo shoots include: engagement photos, wedding photos, prom photos, senior or graduation photos, and posed portrait photos in costumes or special attire. Large equipment and light reflectors are never allowed during public hours. The garden pathways are narrow and patio spaces can be busy with visitors, so portrait photos can inhibit the enjoyment of the garden by other visitors.

You can rent the garden before we open or after we close for a private photo shoot, proposal or other small event. Enjoy the opportunity to take your time with no visitors in the background, utilize professional equipment or surprise your significant other.

Visitors are welcome to take photos for personal use while inside the garden. Since our pathways are narrow, we ask that you be courteous of other guests by not blocking pedestrian or wheelchair access, bridges or patio areas while you enjoy taking photos of the garden.    

For information about before or after hours portrait photography rates, please contact Gary Wilson, Director of Events & Programs at 503.228.8131 ext. 1010 or email Gary

Rental Rates

Rental fee allows use of the garden for up to two hours before or after the garden's public hours. 

We do not offer private event rentals or photo shoots during the garden’s public hours. The garden is open from 10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. in winter (November 1 - March 14) and 10:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m. in summer (March 15 - October 31).

  • Peak Season: June - September
  • Off Season: October - May (50% off peak season rates)

Friday & Sunday, morning — $650 (off season: $325)

Monday - Thursday, morning — $600 (off season: $300)

Friday & Sunday, after-hours — $750 (off season: $375)

Monday - Thursday, after-hours — $700 (off season: $350)

Please note: Saturday rentals are not available.

Commercial & Film Photography

Lan Su Chinese Garden is available to partner with local video and film companies to offer the garden as a backdrop for commercial or feature television and film events. However, due to the nature of the garden and it's delicate structures and plants, many types of filming are unavailable or restricted. All inquires for commercial and film production need to include proposed shooting times and dates. Please note that filming during regular garden hours is severely limited and typically is not available during the summer or on weekends. For information please contact Gary Wilson, Director of Events & Programs at 503.228.8131 ext. 1010 or email Gary.

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