Behavior Guidelines

Please discuss these important guidelines with your students and chaperones before arriving at Lan Su Chinese Garden. 

  • Help keep the garden tranquil by using quiet voices. There are other tours and guests in the garden who come to experience tranquility and quiet.
  • Please stay on the stone pathways.
  • Please walk. Do not run or climb on any stone or wood structures.
  • To preserve their fragile beauty, please do not touch the plants, wood carvings, and large stones.
  • Barriers are in place to protect you from hazards. Please respect them.
  • Railings can be easily loosened and damaged, please be cautious.
  • Cell phones must be silenced.
  • Check with your tour guide to know when photographing is allowed.
  • No food, drinks, or gum are allowed in the garden. Water is allowed.
  • There is a Garden Shop next to the Ticket Booth. No more than five students are allowed at any one time and must be accompanied by an adult. The Garden Shop is a very small space with many breakable items.

Curriculum Ideas

Below are simple ideas to do with your school class.  They can be done in the garden as a quiet reflective activity after the tour or back in the classroom.

Download a packet of Lan Su Chinese Garden's School Curriculum Materials for educations for the 2017-2018 School Year (this document is large and may take a few moments to download, thank you for your patience!) »

Education Program Sponsors

Lan Su Chinese Garden thanks the following foundations and organizations who generously support school tours and education at the garden:

  • The Collins Foundation
  • The Jackson Foundation
  • Herbert A. Templeton Foundation
  • Rose E. Tucker Charitable Trust
  • Robert D. and Marcia H. Randall Charitable Trust
  • U.S. Bank Foundation
  • Juan Young Trust