During a visit to Lan Su Chinese Garden, the Teahouse in the Tower of Cosmic Reflections offers visitors the ability to sit, relax, and enjoy tea while gazing into the garden. Operated by The Tao of Tea, the two-story 50-seat Teahouse pairs the beauty and symbolism of the garden with Chinese tea culture. As a part of the garden, admission or membership to Lan Su is required to access the Teahouse.


Tea presentations are in classical styles with snacks and sweets offered as complements. Traditional Chinese tea serving styles include a variety of teaware, chosen to enhance the art of tea. At the Teahouse, each tea is presented in a vessel specifically chosen to match its category and individual character.

A selection of Chinese teas includes all of the major categories of color and flavor including white, green, oolong, pu-er, black and herbal teas. As the seasons change, the selections change to match complimenting the ever-changing views in the garden.

Light Meals & Snacks

In addition to a wide variety of teas, The Tao of Tea offers light meals of noodle bowls, dumpling bowls, steamed buns and seasonal soups. Smaller snacks include cookies, nuts, mooncakes, and fresh and dried fruit.

About The Tao of Tea

The Tao of Tea is a Portland based tea company that promotes the art and culture of tea. Nationally recognized as specialty merchants of tea focusing on organic, Fair Trade certified teas, owner Verindeer Chawla travels to different tea growing regions in search of the best tasting teas. The Tao of Tea’s emphasis is to find teas still made in old-style methods and to help preserve the pure leaf art form. In China, they mainly work with tea farmers in Yunnan, Fujian, Hunan, Zhejiang, Anhui and Guangdong. Each area has its own tea culture, history and distinct flavor profiles which come through with each pot or cup.


The Tao of Tea at the teahouse can be reached at 503.224.8455 or via email at info@taooftea.com.

Visiting the Teahouse inside Lan Su Chinese Garden requires the purchase of garden membership or admission. Lan Su Chinese Garden members receive 10% off in the Teahouse.

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Teahouse Menu

Before your next visit, download the menu from The Tao of Tea Teahouse. The menu includes several different types of tea including oolong, green, black and white teas; snacks and light meals; and information of how the styles of tea service highlight the taste of each blend.

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